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Horizontal Carousel ContainersCarousel containers are perfect for any horizontal carousel, vertical carousel and vertical lift. They can meet the strictest of fire codes, and are available in over 900 standard and any custom size!

Carousel containers are in use in over 17,000 carousel systems world wide. Carousel container are made with resin that meets UL flame class 94 hb for fire retardancy, they are treated with an anti-static agent to help reduce dust & dirt accumulation. Carousel containers are straightwall with zero draft to help increase storage capacity and to help you get the most our of your carousel system.

Carousel containers are a part of our full line of corrugated plastic products that are available in well over 3,000 standard sizes and any custom size that necessary. Flexcon has been making corrugated plastic products for over 45 years. There are more than 15 million corrugated plastic containers in use today in the USA and worldwide.

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Horizontal Carousel Containers

nestable corrugated container
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Flexcon has over 180 sizes made specifically for horizontal carousels. Our containers are designed to make use of 100% of the available cube in your system to help you get the most out of virtually any carousel.

These containers can help make your carousel system into a showpiece both functionally and aesthetically.

Carousel Containers

carousel containers

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Flexcon has hundreds of sizes of containers that can help you get the most out of every inch of your carousel system.

Accessories include dividers covers, hopper fronts label holders and just about anything you need to make your carousel the best it can be.

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